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Your tee shirts HAVE to come out right!  So you need to ask questions!  We get it we promise!  

We have compiled a list of the questions we get the most.  Maybe this will help in your process of having your shirts created.

Feel free to reach out to actualrealservice@the-shirt-factory.com or call 228-617-0888 if you would rather talk to a live person.


How many shirts do I need to order?

You can order as few or as many as you want to order.  Period!

With that being said, the fewer you order, the more it may cost you to get your order produced but if the situation requires a low volume, or just one, we will be glad to accommodate you.


How long will it take to get my shirts?

Sometimes ordering shirts may have been pushed to the back burner and by the time you get around to it, you need them immediately.  We know how that works we assure you.

It is our goal to completely understand what your needs are and to accommodate you no matter what they might be.


The average length of time to produce a great shirt that you are proud of (and those that end up with the shirts can enjoy for years) is about 10 days.  We need to produce the design, get your approval, print the shirts. and finally deliver them.

Whether you have an immediate need of shirts right away or are getting a head start on your order, we are here to make it happen!

We can handle most any situation that may come up.


do i have to have the artwork or can you design what I want?

We can help you no matter what the artwork needs are.  Whether you have your own design ready to go or you need to work with our creative team to make the perfect design for you, we've got you covered!


Do i have to come pick up my order?

The great news is...YOU DON'T!  We will deliver your shirts to you with in a 50 mile radius of Gulfport , MS!

You can order custom shirts without ever having to leave your office or house!


what kind of apparel options do I have?

"It would be an honor to serve you and your organizations needs with great tees and truly exceptional service!  Give us a shot!  You won't be disappointed! " - David Crews, Founder, The Shirt Factory

We have access to thousands of apparel options.  Generally we categorize the apparel options into good, better and best solutions.

You can choose something very cost effective to give away as a promotional item or make a selection so nice it becomes a favorite part of your wardrobe!

We are here to help!  Send us a message and we will respond immediately.




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